OCS-1A CornSorter


Advanced optical sorting of corn cobs based on following criteria: color, size, shape, production priorities.


  • Corn Sorter has modular design, that ensure installation right after any husker on the market.
  • PLC and color touch screen.
  • Remote control.
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 execution.
Corn sorter, sweet corn processing machines
Corn sorter, sweet corn processing machines
Corn sorter, sweet corn processing machines


  • Corn Sorter has modular design, that allows to multiply side by side.
  • Position of outputs is programmable and can be changed.
  • Sorter transporter is equipped with CIP cleaning system for less accessible interior surfaces.

BF-UNI BulkFeeder

Receiving of product from trucks. Bulk Feeder is usable for many types of vegetables such as corn, green bean, green peas, spinach, broccoli, etc.  Uniform feeding of product on output thanks to following bunker main parts: buffer belt, dosing belt, belt with digital weighing system, rotating
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KU-Z2 CornCut

This sweet corn cutter with manual feeding is intended to cut kernels from corn cobs. Corn cutter is equipped with automatic cutting head, that provides excellent cutting performance. It is possible process also shorter
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KUS-xx CornHusk

Corn Husker is intended for removing of leaves and hairs from corn cobs. Can be used for both, sweet corn and seed corn. In offer are four models CornHusk with different capacity KUS-4C, KUS-8C, KUS-12C and KUS-16C. Operation of machine is automatic, operator
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