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TRANSPORT SYSTEM OF LINE from producer POLLAK SALA consists of custom-made elevators, conveyors, vibrating feeders, water transport system, flow transport system, flow dividers, buffers and etc.

ELEVATORS the vegetable is vertical conveyed by an elevator in different levels of processing line and all our standard processing lines contains these elevators. In our offer we have more types of elevators, for example product elevator, seed elevator, waste collecting  transporter, loosless elevator, etc.

CONVEYORS/BELTS – flat plastic belts, or modular belts with perforation are designed with continuous speed regulation. All belts are in food grade quality with certificates.

food processing equipment_transport_system_elevators, transport system
food processing equipment_transport_system_elevators, conveyors

VIBRATING TRANSPORT SYSTEM for vegetable consists of different types from industrial vibrators which managing product flow in different levels of processing line: feeding, dividing, selecting and dewatering.  Industrial vibrators for vegetable works on resonation principle of table shaking.





vibrating transport system, vibračná doprava, vibračný dopravný systém