Complex solution for green bean processing contains except main machines like bulk feeder, air cleaner, washer and blancher also vibrating feeders, flow dividers, technological buffers, complex transport system (belts, elevators, hydraulic), electric equipment, panels and wiring.


  • All machines for green bean processing is made of stainless steel.
  • Designed with focus to high efficiency and low maintenance.
  • It is possible to deliver the machines separately. Or as a complex unit depending on the clients demands.
Green bean processing machines, Green bean processing machines, Vibrating length grader for green bean, Selection, sorting of product.
Green bean processing machines, Vibrating length grader for green bean, Selection, sorting of product.
Air selector for removing of light parts from product with air flow, Selection, Sorting of products.
Green bean processing machines, Bean cluster removing belt, Selection, sorting of product
Spinach washer, Washer for spinach, Food processing equipment, Washer for food industry, Washer for vegetable
Line for green bean, Green bean processing, Food processing equipment

Green bean processing line on picture is illustrative, simplified model showing only cutted bean processing. Line can be designed for whole “fresh” bean, or as an combination of both, cutted (frozen, canned) and fresh whole bean. Line is usually fully PLC driven, with distant control and diagnostic.

For all POLLAK SALA food processing equipment we offer wide range of spare parts. Genuine spare parts are essential for proper, safe and long-life operation.

BW-60B BeanWash

2-stage washing for higher capacity and lower water consumption. First washer with destoner, high impact spraying nozzles active water filter and powerfull pump. Second washer with washing nozzles and sedimentation tank. Water cascaded from washer to washer and
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AS-10B AirCleaner

Air Selector is intended for removing of light parts from product (leaves) with air flow. The machine has adjustable speed of air via frequency changer (cleaning effect). Vibrating feeder ensure uniform feeding and cleaning result with 2 sieves (optional) for removing of big and small parts. Waste auger
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BD-xxA TwinRemover

Removing of bean clusters – twins on a steep belt with pins. Single beans are falling down trough pins, while twins are catched and removed. For increasing of process reliability is belt knocked/vibrating. Adjustable angle of processing “pin belt” to tune process. Perpendicular waste belt conveying
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BC-25 LengthCaliber

Vibrating Length grader for green bean. Multistage – repeated selection on one vibrator. Up to 5 adjustable sorting gaps to increase process reliability. Fast and easy adjustable sorting gap. Stainless steel AISI-304 execution. Driven with 2 excentric
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